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"Mental Health Weekly keeps me up to date with all the important news from the field, anything that may impact my practice. I particularly appreciate the objective reporting and the interviews with the top researchers and leaders in the field."

Mental Health Weekly delivers all the latest news, trends, opportunities, and efficiencies to improve your quality of treatment—and your bottom line. It keeps you ahead of the curve on cost-saving and revenue-generating measures so that your organization thrives. 

The focus is on news you can use: getting better outcomes with fewer resources, maximizing scarce dollars, taking advantage of state funding changes, streamlining paperwork, finding new funding sources, and more.

Every issue is filled with:

  • Significant news and analysis of practice trends
  • State funding and policy issues
  • New litigation, federal legislation and policy
  • Innovative and best treatment practices
  • Advocacy reports
  • Upcoming events and conferences
  • Briefs on resources, state news, help wanted, business notes and calls for applications

Topics include:

  • The latest evidence-based treatment
  • Managed care's impact on behavioral health care reform
  • Program consolidations and other industry trends
  • The integration of behavioral health with primary care
  • Mental health parity
  • And much more!  

Top 5 Reasons to Subscribe

  1. Keeping your finger on the pulse of the field improves your practice and uncovers new revenue opportunites
  2. Learning the latest evidence-based therapies makes your treatment more effective
  3. Finding creative approaches to funding and cost savings makes your practice more robust
  4. Knowing the latest policy and regulatory changes can keep your practice in compliance
  5. Uncovering new opportunities with parity and health care reform enables your practice to grow

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Original, Unbiased Information
Since 1989, Mental Health Weekly has featured 100% original, objective articles—by journalists experienced in covering mental health issues. You’ll read interviews with the most prominent researchers, field leaders, and advocates.
And, unlike other publications, Mental Health Weekly does not accept any advertising. Because of this, we can present just the facts, free of bias, which we believe best serves our subscribers. You get the benefit of seasoned journalists who are trusted reliable sources on the mental health field.

Big changes are coming your way. With your subscription to Mental Health Weekly, you’ll have an indispensable resource to help you capitalize on trends and new discoveries—and streamline paperwork and practice management.

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    Valarie Canady
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    Valerie Canady, managing editor of Mental Health Weekly, knows the mental health field inside and out. She uncovers the essential stories and gets the scoop directly from leaders and advocates in the field.
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